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  • Cherry Hard Candy 125mg THC (Mota) For Sale

    Cherry Hard Candy 125mg THC (Mota)


    Cherry Hard Candy 125mg THC (Mota) For Sale. Hard candies are now available for consumers in cherry flavour. It gives an uplift to the mood which we eat it. It is a well-consumed product of THC. So it is made sure that it provides a mild taste which has it. These candies have a hard consistency of the candy.

  • Cinderella 99


    Buy Cinderella 99 Cannabis Online Sydney Melbourne Australia The sativa-dominant hybrid Cinderella 99 is a potent strain that smells of tropical citrus and tastes of sweet lemons with an earthy undertone. The THC content of Cinderella 99 averages at 18% with some crops topping off at 22%. It’s high is oftendefined as perfect for uplifting…

  • Critical Kush


    Buy Critical Kush Cannabis Online Sydney Melbourne Australia Description Critical Kush from Barney’s Farm is a mostly Indica strain that blends together two famed cannabis staples, Critical Mass and OG Kush. Aromatic notes of earthiness and spice usher in a calming sensation that relaxes the mind and body. Critical Kush pairs a staggeringly high THC content with a moderate dose of CBD, making this strain a…

  • Buy Dank Vapes 1G Cartridges Australia

    Dank Vapes 1g Cartridges


    Buy Dank Vapes 1G Cartridges Australia. Dank Vapes 1g Cartridges for Sale In All Australian Cities. Can deliver same day if order is put in early. Discreet packaging and professional delivery. Customer safety and security is guaranteed. Sit back and track the progress of your order. Buy Dank Vapes 1G Cartridges Australia




  • Dieseltonic


    Buy Dieseltonic Online Cannabis Sydney Melbourne Australia Description Yaletown Flower Co. brings us Dieseltonic LARGE sticky nugs with a strong pungent citrus nose and a good white burn!! Bred by Resin Seeds in Spain, Dieseltonic is a high-CBD hybrid cross between NYC Diesel and Cannatonic. With an equal THC and CBD content, Dieseltonic is a…

  • East Coast Alien


    Buy East Coast Alien Cannabis Sydney Melbourne Australia Much like a visitor from another planet, no one knows about East Coast Alien’s origins. The cultivar is thought to be the descendant of East Coast Sour Diesel (also known as NYC Diesel,) and Alien Technology, a landrace cannabis strain from Afghanistan. Each parent plant is infamous…

  • Buy Errli Gummi Sharks Online NSW

    Errli Gummi Sharks


    Customer Favorite!! Mouth meddling, terpy, weird wormy goodness! Face slap, sweet bitter, mind tripping tastiness! Errlli gummies square measure fastidiously treated with 600mg of Delta eight psychoactive substance of the very best cannabis grade product to confirm the simplest expertise doable

  • Exodus Cheese


    Buy Exodus Cheese Cannabis Online Sydney Melbourne Australia Exodus Cheese is well known for its euphoric head high that has smokers focused intently on tasks at hand. Mood boosting qualities tend to bring a smile to smokers’ faces no matter how bad the day may have been. Rushes of energy soon follow and will have…

  • Buy buds in Sydney New South Wales

    French Cookies


    Buy French Cookies Cannabis Online Sydney Melbourne Australia Description T.H.Seeds growers, after traveling to Cali to do some testing, found a seed in a bag of the Legendary Platinum Cookies. Back in the T.H.Seeds lab they grew it out and found a gem of a Cookie with all the goodness the Cookie plant can give….